Consulting and Contract Services

Consulting and Contract Services

What I can do for you ?

The art is in picking the right tool for the right job.

I develops high-performance data processing applications, wrapping platform-independent C, C++ or Fortran code in graphical interfaces written in Java or another appropriate tool. Software is created to the strength of a language and platform, with an emphasis on portability, efficiency, and design-before-code.

So what does this mean for you? High-quality, well-designed, fast code with intuitive interfaces and real documentation. Rather than argue the relative merits of different tools, I uses languages and technologies to their best advantage, based on the requirements of a specific application. If a GUI needs to be available cross-platform, then Java or wxWindows provide excellent tools; for number-crunching, Fortran or C99 provide the necessary performance and expressive power. Wrapping a C libray in a Java graphical interface is often preferable to rewriting working code.

Engines of Software

I specializes in creating engines: the software that performs the "heavy lifting" behind the scenes. I understand the vagaries of multiprocessing and threaded applications, getting the maximum "horsepower" from today's top-line hardware. By focusing on the platform-independence of an application's business logic, Coyote Gulch ensures that your investment today is portable to the computer systems of tommorow.

Specific areas of development include:

  • Scientific and engineering software
  • High-performance business computing
  • Database engines for concise applications
  • Training in C++, software design, and multiprocessing architectures

I focuses on custom software development for Linux, Windows, and general Unix. In-house platforms include workstations, web servers, and multiprocessor systems, running the latest Linux and recent Windows software. The primary tools of choice include:

  • C++, Java, Python, C
  • Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, MySql
  • Linux (since before it was trendy), Windows 2000/XP, SCO UNIX
  • Beowulf, Linux SMP, OpenMP, MPI, POSIX/Linux, Win32 threads & processes
  • make, autoconf/automake, MS Visual Studio(.Net), gcc, Eclipse, Cygwin
  • SMTP, NNTP, Sockets, HTTP, NTP, FTP, HTML, Javascript, Apache, Java applets


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Contact me, and we can talk about what you need and how to get it done

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